Dhading HRRP Coordination Meeting - Jan 31, 2018
VENUE     DUDBC HAll, Dhading
START     31 January, 2018 02:00 PM
END     31 January, 2018 03:30 PM

Agenda :-

  1) Welcome & Introduction.

  2) Sharing of Information about Retrofitting Manual & Hybrid Structure Manual.

  3) Updates from DUDBC/DLPIU on the reconstruction.

  4) Updates from NRA/DLPIU about ongoing Resurvey & Re verification in the districts.

  5) Sharing of the field visit learning and challenges during the field visit (HRRP).

  6) National and district updates, maps presentations on gaps and coverage in reconstruction.

  7) Short briefing from PO’s about their challenges lesson learned, Probable solutions & their new plan.

  8) Briefing about Major/Repetitive technical problems seen in reconstruction by District Support Engineers.

  9) AOB

Meeting Documents List