News & Events

  • Gaps in Technical Assistance
    Major gaps in Technical Assistance have been identified in ALL districts. Partners are highly encouraged to seriously look within at how they can best cover gaps, in particular in terms of expanding to cover a full VDC rather than only supporting some wards, and to consider the quality of the TA being delivered.
    Published On: 22 December, 2016
  • HRRP Phase II and Beyond
    The current phase of the DFID funding to the HRRP will come to an end at the end of February 2017. At this point IOM will be stepping down as the lead organisation for the platform. Through discussions with the partners, government and the donors there is a common desire to keep the HRRP going for sometime into the future (2-4 years - HRRP III).
    Published On: 22 December, 2016
  • ToT for Inspection Manual organized at national level
    Inspection Manual Master ToT, organised by MoUD-CLPIU, is taking place this week at national level from 20 to 23 December. HRRP District Coordinators who are engineers / architects are participating. The trainings focused on Inspection Manual, which was published in November.
    Published On: 22 December, 2016
  • Supply Chain Assessment
    Practical Action have completed a supply chain assessment in Rasuwa and Nuwakot, and the draft report is available here. Practical Action have resources to conduct analysis and report preparation for other districts but require support for the data collection.
    Published On: 21 December, 2016
  • Technical Sessions held at national level on various topics
    HRRP has organized a series of technical sessions on various topics in coordination with NRA and DUDBC at national level. The technical sessions are designed for people working on particular technical aspects to share their experiences and challenges, strengthen others’ understanding on those topics, drawing on the capacity and experience of POs.
    Published On: 21 December, 2016
  • Ministry of Finance approved the additional housing grants NRP 100,000
    The Ministry of Finance (MoF), at the Deputy Prime Minister level, has agreed on the decision of the steering committee of NRA of providing additional grant of NPR 100,000. A revised Grant Distribution Guidelines will be released soon. The second tranche will be of NPR 150,000. The MoF has submitted the file to the Office of the PM and Ministers for the final approval.
    Published On: 21 December, 2016
  • Build durable homes from local soil - Training for communities and NGOs - Nepal
    Free 10 days Training course for communities and NGO to turn soil into flood resilient building blocks, sub floors, floor screeds, renders and plasters.
    Published On: 01 November, 2016
  • NRA to increase the reconstruction grant to the earthquake affected families to 3 lakhs
    NRA Steering Committee has passed a decision to increase the reconstruction grant to the earthquake affected families to 3 lakhs from previous amount of 2 lakhs Nepali Rupees.
    Published On: 27 September, 2016
  • Grant Distribution commendable: PM Dahal
    Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that the housing grant distribution by the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has been encouraging. He said that while informing parliament about the progress in reconstruction at a meeting of the Development Committee. The prime minister said that 275,000 people had been reached with support for housing on September 4.
    Published On: 08 September, 2016
  • UK provides Rs. 10.10 billion for reconstruction
    Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Roderick James Nugent Stewart, British Minister of State for DFID and Sushil Gyewali, CEO, National Reconstruction Authoritywere present at the signing event.
    Published On: 06 September, 2016