20th Earthquake Safety Day observed under MOHA
Published     17 January, 2018

Commemorating the pains and devastation caused by the 1990 BS (1934 AD) mega earthquake, the country is marking the 20th Earthquake Safety Day on Tuesday expecting to have better preparation to cope with such natural disasters in the days ahead.

The day is observed every year on Magh 2 (January 16) to commemorate the 1934 great earthquake that had killed around 8,000 people across the country. The Earthquake Safety Day this year commemorates the 85nd anniversary of the quake devastation. 
The Government has been marking the quake safety day by organizing different awareness-raising programmes with the slogans for the past 19 years but the notable achievements are yet to be witnessed. 
For more information regarding the event visit National Society of Earthquake Technology ( NSET)s website here