Second grant tranche: 385,657 beneficiaries miss deadline
Published     16 January, 2018

The 385,657 beneficiaries getting the first tranche last year missed the deadline to start rebuilding their houses for several reasons, such as manpower shortage, insufficient grant amount, expensive construction materials, dilemma regarding the design of house, uninhabitable land plots, difficulties related to relocation, and inefficient government monitoring and migration of quake survivors to urban areas, according to field observers. Another major reason for the delay was the local, provincial and parliamentary elections, they added.

A total of 668,499 quake survivors have so far received the first tranche, 138,359 second tranche and 36,775 third tranche in 31 districts as of yesterday, according to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development.

The beneficiaries get Rs 50,000 in the first tranche, Rs 150,000 in the second and Rs 100,000 in the third. However, to be eligible for the second tranche they need to start building houses, while they get the third tranche after the completion of the construction. Government-appointed engineers monitor the progress of construction.

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