UK provides Rs. 10.10 billion for reconstruction
Published     06 September, 2016

The United Kingdom (UK) has agreed to provide grant assistance of £71.5 million (approx. Rs. 10.10 billion) for Nepal’s reconstruction efforts. The agreement was signed by Baikuntha Aryal, Joint Secretary at Ministry of Finance, and Gail Marzetti of Department for International Development (DFID) on 2 September 2016. 


The support will go mainly towards building about 400 km rural roads and trails and for providing over 250,000 people with improved drinking water and sanitation.


Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister,  Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Roderick James Nugent Stewart, British Minister of State for DFID and Sushil Gyewali, CEO, National Reconstruction Authoritywere present at the signing event.


Source: NRA site